So, any idea what kind of Leather Tanning is used for the pair of shoes that you are now wearing?

Chrome tan

Chrome tan is the most commonly found type of leather tanning process in leather goods, as they are often used in mass manufacturing of leather goods.  Leather goods including shoes, handbags, etc.  The advantages of a Chrome Tan process is that it is much quicker and takes only one day to complete.  However, the production process will involve heavy use of chemicals and thus makes it difficult to keep the natural shine and elasticity of the leather. 

Moreover, the chemicals used during the manufacturing process also creates water pollution and could also affect the health of human.  For people with with skin allergies could often be allergic to leather goods processed by Chrome Tan due to the chemical used in the process.

Vegetable tan

Vegetable Tan is the more traditional process used in the making of leather goods which dates back thousands of years.  This methodology uses organic vegetable tannins from plants such as trees and thus its name.  The advantages of vegetable tan is that it will maintain the natural shine of the leather, elasticity and other characteristics of the natural leather.  However, due to the complicated process in vegetable tan, the production time is a lot longer and it is thus only used and adopted in high-end luxury fashion.

A key advantage of purchasing a pair of shoes from a bespoke shoemaker is that shoemakers often have a high level of expertise and experience in the leather materials adopted and you can pick the best material.  

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