A man’s masculinity has been defined by certain clothing and that clothing makes him look more rugged and appealing. One such clothing is made from leather. Let it be leather jackets, blazers or pants. When it comes to the best quality leather wear like jackets, trousers, shirts, vests etc. then David Fashions are the most experienced and best in class bespoke tailors who for years have made thousands of leather wear for their reputed customers.

Leather wear is always in vogue and never gets out of fashion, some designs change, some go out of fashion while others stay forever, no matter what, leather remains in business always. Leather became more fashionable and main stream in the 1930s and after when Marlon Brando wore a sporty biker leather jacket in The Wild One. Since, then leather became a part of the motor biking culture. Harley Davidson Company furthered this craze for leather jackets.

Nowadays, there are many types of leather jackets made from both genuine leather and faux leather and people choose to buy them according to their budget and liking. We at David Fashions, make all kinds of bespoke leather jackets as per the requirements of our clients.

How to Wear a Leather Jacket

As we all know that leather jackets come in variety of styles, colours and shapes. It all depends on you, what type of jacket you like the most or what do you want to wear for a particular occasion. Leather jackets can be worn both at formal and casual events, gone are the days when people used to consider it a taboo to wear a leather jacket to a formal occasion. Nowadays, you can wear a leather blazer or jacket with a tie on a shirt with a pair of jeans and you have a perfect semi-formal look which is no just comfortable but very appealing and sexy.

Wearing different coloured leather jackets.

Wearing a Brown Leather Jacket

One of the best colours for a leather jacket is brown or tan. Though, brown leather jackets were firstly made for the American Air Force but it looked so attractive that very soon it became the trend all over the world. If black leather jacket dictates a little arrogance and hunky persona, the brown leather jacket oozes classiness from a man. Men tend to look a little gentler and softer in brown leather jackets than in black ones and if you wish to look elegant and sporty, then you should go with the David Fashion’s brown leather jacket.

Versatility in Black Leather Jacket

The black leather jacket is the most famous all around the world and there is perhaps no man on this planet who has not the desire to wear a sexy black leather jacket. Let it be in any form or style. The most famous and liked leather jacket is the biker leather jacket with slim fitting design, zips in the cuffs, zips in front chest area and Chinese collar that can be buttoned or unbuttoned as per desire. Another breed of these jackets are the motor-cycle jackets which have plenty of bling to it, in the form of steel studs, zips etc. These jackets have always been in vogue for decades and never get older.

The good thing about black leather jacket is that it can go practically with anything, let it be denim shirts, t-shirts, vests, jeans, chinos and even trousers. So, don’t miss the chance of getting dressed in the best bespoke leather jackets made by the famous David Fashions, visit our store online or come to our tailoring house in-person and get it for yourself.

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