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Italian cut suit is picking up steam recently, it could be a trendy addition to your business outfit collection! But it does not come easily, it requires knowledge and skilful technique from tailors. Let us have a chat with L&K Bespoke tailor about what Italian cut suit really is and tips on how to dress like an Italian!

Michael, owner of
L&K: there are some key features of Italian cut:

Italian cut (also known as European cut)

Style: Modern, tight fitting, and emphasis on optimum length of jacket to shape the hips

(L&K product)

Features (suit jacket):

  • Flapless, piped pocket
  • Higher gorge lines (where the lapel meets the collar)
  • Two padding options. Strong shoulder padding helps pronounce the V-shape. Natural shoulder follows the natural line of the body’s shoulder without usage of padding.
  • No vents
  • Shorter jacket

(L&K product)

Features (Trousers/pants)

  • Tapered design (inverted triangle design from waist to end of trousers)

Tapered waist that fits tightly to the hips

  • Traditional Italian style trousers have cuffs

(L&K product)

World-renowned cut
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