As soon as winter arrived, everyone starts to worry about whether you have to break the bank for a new custom-made suit, while not having to worry the quality of the suit being too “cheap”. How to find a suit that is inexpensive, yet the materials won’t be so bad that it’s unsightly. How to find a tailor for the best value for money?

  1. Don’t rush in to buy because of the price tag

From time to time, tailors in the market may offer suits at well below market rates, but it is precisely because they will be making less money, so they can only source second graded fabrics to get your suit made. You will not notice it when you receive the goods, but after wearing it a few times and washing it a few times, the shirt or suit starts to look out of shape. After all, you get what you pay for. A piece of inferior fabric can’t be compared with good quality material. It’s really a waste of time.

Custom-made suits are not fashion stores, don’t just rush in because it is on sale

  1. Do more research online. Compare the market rate of different tailor stores

In fact, as long as you do a little more research, you will know the normal charges and quality of custom-made suits in each suit shop. Tailor-M has a lot of helpful information to help you find a good tailor.  Compare prices, customer satisfaction and quality. It is simple and easy to use to help you find all the information you need about a Tailor.  If in doubt, just message the tailor to ask!

  1. Maintaining an affordable yet reasonable cost is the shop’s cost control ability

As mentioned above, you should pay attention to the pricing.  If you really want to find a suit store with a good value for money, you have to look at its long-term average selling price, and the age of the store.  Just think about it, if the price they charge is not enough to cover their costs, and customers aren’t satisfied, the business won’t last long. David Fashions in Tsim Sha Tsui has been in business for 40 years. It is a well-known affordable and decent-quality tailor shop. David’s experience and deep connections in the industry enable him to control costs well, and balance his own profits while offering a good price to the benefit of his customers. According to David Fashions, it only costs HKD4,000 to make a suit there.



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