All the Christmas decorations that we see around the shopping malls are obvious signs that we approach the end of the year again.  This means the time of corporate parties and banquets, and you may need to start thinking about the party outfits…

It’s often a big headache for most people. Being under-dressed, your boss probably wouldn’t be impressed.  Being over-dressed, you will be attracting all the stares and perhaps jokes behind your back.

So, how should one prepare our wardrobe for these year-end occasions?

Formal Occasions

Tuxedo is the safe choice for attending annual dinners of multinational companies and other formal banquets.  Especially, for those where the hosts state a “Black-tie” dress code on the invitation cards.  Don’t just wear a BLACK colored TIE!

However, annual dinners in Hong Kong, and Asia in general, there are very seldom labeled as full traditional formal wear events. Participants can choose less traditional tuxedos to look more fashionable. Also, often simple black suits can be an alternative that can be reused in daily life.

As for tuxedos, black, blue, white and crimson are the common colors of tuxedos. It can be matched with lapels, pockets and buttons in silk.

Annual dinners of companies

You can choose suits in dark colors with black bow ties or dark colored ties. It is always good to choose a black, charcoal or navy blue, which are decent and not exaggerated.

Casual party

A festive party usually doesn’t have a strict dress code. It’s time to show your style, playing around different colors and patterns. Brick red, dark green and checkered pattern are the wise choices.

With dark colored ties or bow ties, it is easier to mix and match.

Upgrade your style?

What’s more, pocket squares, buttons and other small elements on your suits are keys to highlight your style and fashion sense.

Utilizing these accessories, you will look more charming among the others!

If you have doubts, a black suit and dark colored tie are often sufficient for the occasion.

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“Party fabrics” includes a wide range of color, as well as some slightly shiny patterned fabrics which are suitable for different occasions.

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