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Interviews, banquets, presentations… there are many occasions you want to make yourself standing out from others. But how easy is that? Darmian suggests you to begin with appearance. There are 2 easy ways to stand out in wearing suits? Firstly, let’s get started with how to customize suits with suit buttons and buttonholes.

(1) Suit Buttons

Suit buttons are on the front of your suit jacket (suit blazer) and on the end of sleeves. (If you want more buttons, go for a double-breasted suit instead of a two-button, or a three-button suit.)

You can personalize the suit jackets with suit buttons of different colours. For example, instead of dark blue/ black buttons, match a navy blue suit jacket with light or gold buttons, your suit jacket will stand out easily, as shown in the picture below.

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(When it comes to suit blazers and suit buttons, don’t forget the “buttoning rules”. For a two-button suit blazer, never fasten both buttons, fasten only the top button; For a three-button jacket, always fasten the middle button. The top button is optional (if you feel like it), and again never fasten the last button.)

(2) Buttonholes

Apart from suit buttons, you can also personalize the buttonholes. Buttonholes are holes in fabric which allow buttons to pass through, securing one piece of the fabric to another. Buttonholes can be found on lapels and sleeves.

The raw edges of a buttonhole are usually finished with stitching. Customize the buttonhole lining with YOUR colours.

For a navy-blue suit jacket, for example, you can use black lining for buttonhole on the lapel’s buttonhole.

(You can match the lapel buttonhole of a navy blue suit jacket with black lining, for example. Source: Tailor-M)

On the sides, there are usually 3-5 sleeve buttons and buttonholes on each side of the sleeves. For tailor-made suits, the last sleeve buttons towards the end (closest to the your waist) are usually unbottoned, this is show your suit jackets are tailor-made and the buttonholes are functional/ real ones. Again, customize the last buttonhole with your colour.

If you ask Darmian, “for a navy blue suit blazer, should I use black / light blue (etc) for all sleeve buttonholes?” Darmian would suggest use a different colour only for last sleeve buttonhole, otherwise will be “too much”.

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