How many dress shirts for work do you need to deal with the hot summer?

In the summer, everyone is so hot that they sweat, and they have to wash their shirts every day. After washing, you want want to dry them? It’s raining again! So in the summer, you need plenty of shirts for rotation!

You have to buy shirts, but more importantly, you have to make smart purchase decisions!  Tailor-M has been told that David Fashions has a discount on dress shirts for work and trousers this month. As long as you buy three pairs of trousers from David Fashions, you will get three shirts for free!   Want to go to work every day in different styles?  Now that’s not too difficult any more!

David Fashions has been in business  on the corner of Tsim Sha Tsui for 36 years, with over 77,150 loyal customers.   

How did David Fashions maintain the enthusiasm of tailoring for many years?  David Fashions specialises in entry level suits, they try to offer a good value for money to customers, without the big price tags.   Make an appointment for David to try on this weekend, and find the answer in the “Value For Money ” suit!


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