Looking for a new outfit in spring? 2018 Spring’s Special Offer on Tailor-Made Suits & Shirts, by a local Hong Kong Tailor, Smart Fit Fashions!

By booking an appointment through Tailor-M to purchase at Smart Fit Fashions, and you’ll receive the following free items!

1) FREE – Four Shirts & Two Ties (worth HK$1,700 in total)!

Purchase ONE suit at HK$2,999 and you’ll receive 4 shirts and 2 ties for FREE!

2)  FREE – Four Shirts & Two Ties plus additional discount on Suit (worth HK$2,848 in total)!

Purchase the TWO suits at HK$4,850 (was HK$5,998) and you will still receive 4 shirts and 2 ties for FREE!

3) The Ultimate Shirt Deal (only HK$1,899!)

6 tailor made Shirts

Fabrics included in this offer:

Over 50 different fabrics (All year around Cashmere Wool for Suits and Regular Cotton fabric for Shirts).

You can choose from many different colours/patterns for suit and shirt fabrics!

About Smart Fit Fashions:

Jimmy is the owner of Smart Fit Fashions. Having many years of experience in tailoring suits, he gives some tips about the latest fashion in spring.

“Black is classics, of course, but a light color brighten you in this season,”says Jimmy, “

Khaki is a good idea at this moment. It’s appropriate for the office and has enough of an edge to pull double-duty on weekends. Try it with a patterned shirt and a pair of sneakers to show the world you’re dressing up because you want to, not because you have to.”

“Apart from smart casual, there is no denying that a tux is irreplaceable in your wardrobe. It’s an investment, but you won’t just be buying a suit: you’ll be investing in a better-looking you. Try to think of the limitless benefit when you are showing smart in tuxedo in an important occasion.”

Jimmy tailors for both ladies and gents, workers and bosses, sales people and executives (who is looking for some tailor made clothes).

Among his product line, includes tailor made suits, shirts, pants, sport jackets, blazers, single trousers, dresses, blouses, overcoats, tuxedoes, and leather outfits from Hong Kong.

How to redeem?

To redeem the offer, please click here, then click onto “Book Appointment”, and make an online appointment with Smart Fit Fashions.

Terms and condition

This offer is applicable by making an online reservation through Tailor-M. Customers who walk-in the shop without making an online appointment are not eligible for the above offer.

Customers who are successful and eligible for the offer will be notified by email.

In case of any dispute, Tailor-M reserves the rights of final decision.

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