Should I choose high rise or low rise trousers? Before answering this question, what does a trousers rise mean? It actually is referring to the length of the crotch.

Low-rise jeans are the latest fad, and the rise of men’s jeans is getting lower and lower. Therefore, low-rise jeans/trousers are commonly available off-the-rack these days. At least they are already lower than those in the old days.

Nonetheless, in the past with prevalent gentleman culture, high-rise suit trousers were more popular and common. But now, they are getting outdated and antic.

Better to Pick High Rise

In contrast to jeans, we recommend high-rise trousers for suits though. It brings you an aesthetic curve from the waist to the butt, and to the bottom.

The trousers’ rise need not to be as high as it were back in the days of the Beatles, but having it sit above your bottom is preferred. The optimal level will be to having the waist line at around your belly button. Making the best choice of a suitable rise can even help you on a perfect blazer to trousers ratio.


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