The colors of the suits that we wear to work everyday are usually navy, grey and black, which are really boring. Is it possible to break the dullness and be out of the ordinary? How should you choose a suit which is decent for work while perserving some of your own style and doesn’t look like a uniform? What are the choices of fabrics for suits in 2022?
Fabric brands often launches new fabrics in fall and winter, choose your new fabrics to avoid wearing in same outfit as others

Many fabric brands tend to introduce new fabrics to the market in autumn and winter, because they have noticed that the people tend to buy suits at this time, and what people dislike most is buying the same kind of suit as others. It feels more like a uniform instead of a custom-made outfit. There are tailor shops taking  advantage of the change of season to buy a lot of new fabrics, of which the colors
and patterns are suitable for office workers. And these subtle differences in fabric and color could make a big difference on tailor-made suits – they make your unique suit. This is the point of tailoring a suit, otherwise you could just get a ready-made one from the shop which look the same as the one that someone else is dressing.

Dark fabrics x Dark pattern from Reda 2022 new collections – low-key in the extraordinary
One of the main series of Reda in this season is the deep tone with dark pattern. The color is easy to match, plus the dark plaid pattern and dark stripe pattern, makes the suit extraordinary! Your suit might be in the same color as other people’s, but the dark pattern will make your suit stand out. And since it is a new collection, it is unique enough to avoid having the same outfit as others.

The forward-looking tailoring shop gets the latest collections. Get your best deal with vouchers

The more established, trendy tailor shops are always on the lookout for new collections from different cloth brands. A Timeless, a subsidiary of the Chairman of the Tailors Association, has the latest fabrics available. The price of Reda suits made at A Timeless starts at HKD 7,000, and all with hand stitch sewing, fine handcrafted buttonholes, and premium horn buttons. Among the tailor stores that accept vouchers, A Timeless is giving the best offering to all consumers! If you spend HKD 2,000 or more at A Timeless and pay with a coupon of 1,000, an additional HKD1,000 would be given to you! The more vouchers you redeem, the higher value of promotion you will get (e.g. if you pay for your entire order of HKD 11,000 with a total of HKD 5,000 in vouchers, A Timeless will give you another HKD 5,000 and you only need to pay 1,000 in cash)!A Timeless offers a wide range of branded fabrics for tailoring suits, which enables you to find the fabric that you want! A Timeless’ special offer for fabrics is shown in the picture:
A Timeless offers a wide selection of fabrics, all of which can be paid for
with coupons
A Timeless coupon offer: redeem HKD 1000 and you get additional HKD1000
A Timeless standard: hand stitch sewing, fine handcrafted buttonholes,and premium horn buttons

That’s not all? Buy Reda and get a cotton shirt that values nearly HKD1,000!

When you think the above offer is good enough, it turns out that at this season, if you buy a Reda suit, you will get a free cotton shirt, which is worth HKD 980 in its offline store. Get a customized suit at the price of HKD 7,000 with only half to be paid by you redeeming coupons and the other half to be paid by tailor shop and get a free cotton shirt. This is what we call a real bargain!
You can choose your favorite style of shirts! (A Timeless product)
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