Iau Lau of Golden Light Tailors 

In the tailoring industry in Hong Kong today, there are still many examples of second generation tailors.  Among all these second generation tailor stories, there is one who not only continued his father’s shirt-making business, but also further advanced the business in fabric selection, and tailoring skills.  Ten years on, he has finally built his own Tailor Shop Golden Light Tailors five years ago. 

The person in the spotlight today is Ian Lau of Golden Light Tailors. He added his own twist into the business and makes what Golden Light Tailors is today.

Ian’s father Ronny has been engaged in shirt making for nearly 50 years and has set up his own workshop to provide tailor-made services. The workshop established by his father naturally became a strong backing for Ian. The two of them coordinated the operation of the workshop and the quality standards of customized products to match Ian’s daily shirt-making business.

Boldly new innovations and seeking breakthrough in fabric selection

After reorganizing the workshop, the process of customizing shirts has been perfected, but another challenge arises – the selection of the fabric!  Shirts sold by most tailor shops in the market are of average or even unsatisfactory quality, and the fabrics and styles used are usually plain, failing to fully demonstrate the personalization and uniqueness of bespoke tailoring.

Ian was therefore determined to spend more time on fabric selection, and introducing more fashionable and higher-quality fabrics, as the first step to enhance Golden Light Tailors.

Golden Light Tailors still has framed photos of its old store in Western District

Ian ‘s father Ronny working in the workshop

Failure is the Mother of Success

Ian: “At that time, I often took the shirt fabrics from major Designer Brands and researched them repeatedly. Where did this fabric come from?…” Ian tried to get in touch with these suppliers of designer branded fabrics, but to no avail. 

“Of course, they are focused in supplying to major Designer Brands, while Golden Light Tailors is only a bespoke tailoring shop. For them, Golden Light is just a small business.  But after persevering in my search, I finally found a cloth factory willing to supply Ian with fabrics of the same level quality as some major designer brands.”

Since then, Golden Light Tailors has taken its product to a whole new world of shirt making, and the range of fabrics has been vastly improved, both in terms of brand and quality.  In Golden Light Tailors’ fabric cabinet, it is not difficult to find fabrics comparable to those of major European Designer Brands.  

As for suit fabrics, Ian source from high-end designer brand British fabrics including Holland & Sherry, Scabal, etc., to make suits and trousers for customers. 

“You must understand that such high-end fabrics are not necessarily available to the average ordinary tailor stores!”

Gradually climbing to the top of Shirt and Suit Making

“As the volume of customized shirts continues to grow, we have established a good relationship with fabric suppliers.”  With better quality fabrics, a wide range of choices, coupled with its own workshops to provide high-level craftsmanship, Golden Light Tailors have established itself as a Value-For-Money Bespoke Brand.

Golden Light Tailor offers unique high-quality shirting fabrics

Not just an ordinary fabric cabinet, most fabrics are of designer brand quality

2020 New Collection – Scabal Cosmopolitan Suits only at HK$7,800

Scabal Cosmopolitan Merino Wool is a new material launched by Scabal 2020. It is spun with Merino Wool. It has a two tone pattern with top-quality wool but with a very British style (of course, there are also pure color fabrics). Golden Light Tailors is the first to launch it into the market! It is well known that in Savile Row in the UK, whenever Scabal launches a new fabric, it will definitely attract a lot of attention. A two piece suit made out this fabric in the UK Savile Row will set you back at least HKD40,000!

Same Fabric, High Quality Workmanship, but 80% cheaper than Savile Row!

Golden Light Tailor, as the first Hong Kong tailor shop to adopt this latest fabric collection, Scabal Cosmopolitan, and a tailor-made 2-pc suit costs only HKD7,800!  It’s 80% cheaper than one tailor made in UK Savile Row! Brothers, compared to the UK, it is indeed a blessing to be able to order suits in Hong Kong!

Full-Canvas Bespoke Suits

Scabal Cosmopolitan — 2020 Latest Collection

Double Tone pattern 

Golden Light Tailors’ Scabal Cosmo sample product!

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