Miu from Herencia Bespoke Tailors was born in a tailor-family. Her father is a tailor who has 40-year experience of bespoke tailoring, starting his tailoring business with his traditional craftsmanship and his workshop.

Miu’s father has been in the tailoring industry for over 40 years

Miu has a certificate of suit tailoring

Traditional Craftsmanship, and Family Business

When Miu was young, she has never imagined she would develop her career path following her father. Still, she got her unique aesthetic view and the sense of fashion with the certificate of suit tailoring. Herencia Bespoke Tailors is their partnership, a mix of traditional craftsmanship and the fashionable design.

“I remembered that my dad shown me a red-checkered suit, and he told me it was tailor-made for Eason Chan and his concert.”, but Miu said she did not have much feelings at that moment, though she should have been proud of her father, a experienced tailor.

As Herencia Bespoke Tailors has its own workshop, its price is lower than others. Nonetheless, it still focuses on every details appearing on the suit such as the functional inner pockets and the working buttonholes.

Miu also eyes on the cutting of suits. “Figures of Asians and Europeans vary a lot. That’s why we provides the suit in a mix of Italian and British cuttings, according to different figures, achieving the best outcome.”

Its showroom offers a variety of suits in different styles and cuttings, as well as made-to-measure fitting services. It allows a greater extent for modifying, in order to satisfy most requests from customers.

“It is common that some males are lacking of the experience of bespoke tailoring. If they can try on the semi-finished suit, they will understand which styles of suit fit them more easily.”

Other than the suits, the stores also provide tailoring shirts. It offers customers many choices of the collar, the buttons as well as patchwork.

Miu also has high requirement on Herencia Bespoke Tailors, including the decoration of showroom, its website and even its promotion materials, Therefore, all of these are designed by her.

“We hope that our guests understand our fashion design style and image, providing a spacious and comfortable environment with a perfect tailor-made experience.”

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