Falling leaves. A much drier and cooler weather.  Migrating birds.  All of these reminds you of Autumn. Time to get your clothes changed, get ready for the fall and winter this year!

Time to say goodbye to your Summer suits

Tailor-M is to bring a good news to everyone who is looking for a new suit for the change in weather.  Shaniel Fashions has launched its latest Autumn offer – only HK$1,850 (was HK$2,500) for a tailor-made suit!

Different from other group buying coupons which have many limitations on fabrics, additional alterations, etc., Shaniel Fashions is not stingy to provide plenty of fabrics options for Tailor-M users.

Maybe you are so lucky you haven’t experienced, some offers by those Group Buying Coupons are so tricky that customers can only choose from outdated, or off-season awkward colored fabrics for their promotional offers.

Over 25% off!  Plenty of fabrics available

For Tailor-M users, Shaniel Fashions promises you they will provide numerous fabrics options.  Almost all of the fabrics that you can see from the picture below are available for the Tailor-M offer!  There are more than enough choices available for this offer, regardless of the color, patterns and texture, including wool and cashmere fabrics, are included in this super discount.

Offer applies to all suiting fabrics you see in this picture!

Use the offer to choose any wool or cashmere fabrics for your new suits, a combination you would not regret in the forthcoming cooler days.

Enjoy unlimited options for your suit at HK$1,850, while its original price was HK$2,500!! That’s more than 25% off now!

30% off for Tailor-made Shirts!

Other than suits, this professional tailor is also providing a shirt offer!

Shaniel Fashions launches a 30% discount on ordering the tailor-made shirts to all the Tailor-M users!   Similar to the suit offer, as you can see from the photo, you also have a wide range of selection on the fabrics for your shirt at HK$250.

Offer applies to all fabrics you see in this picture!

However, an additional charge applies for plain white shirts.

Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Shaniel Fashions has more than 25 years of experience, tailoring a quality suit with their professional services. Need not to worry about too many limitations of the offer, just worry about having too many fabric choices here!

One Simple Step to Redeem Offer

What you need to do to enjoy the offer is only to make an appointment with Shaniel Fashions here!


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