Top 10 Tailor in HK: 3 ultimate tips to exude your charm when wearing a suit!

The average height of males in Hong Kong is 1.7 to 1.8 meters. They are not considered very tall by world standards. Does this mean a suit would never be a right fit for shorter men?

British Tailor Jacky Tam: The fact is, not only Chinese people but also foreigners are not always in good shape. However, if the tailor has the expertise of cutting, color selection, and detailing, the suit he makes could help to maximize your strengths and avoid shortcomings.
Here is the summarized guide based on my experience:

First, the suit lapels and bow tie should not be too wide


Second, high-waisted, straight-leg, and fit trousers can make your legs look longer visually

Third, match the jacket and suit trousers with similar tone color

To increase your charisma with a suit, the expertise of the tailor is the key! Keep these three golden rules in mind, and you will find the perfect suit for yourself.


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