It is impossible that everyone has a model-like figure and perfect body in reality. Some maybe big-framed, some may have a pear-shaped body.  We are simply all different.  Tailors are there to help you show the best side of yourself.

You Don’t Need to Have a Perfect Body, But Good Tailors Aside You

The reason that people look smart in suits is because that it helps to display the best of you. To do that, the suit should hide your deficiencies and show the best aspects of your body. This is exactly the reason why people look much smarter in bespoke suits tailor-made for them.

Wait a second… Ok, so it means knowing my own measurements and have my suit made accordingly, right? Then why do some tailors still get it horribly wrong even after taking my measurements and why do some tailors seem to do a better job than the others?

This suit may fit well, but it can be better, if it helps to hide his deficiencies

Jacky from British Tailors thinks that the key attribute of an excellent tailor consists of both “eyesight/analysis” and “craftsmanship”.

“Taking measurements is only the first step. A tailor will need to identify and analyse your body while taking measurements.” “He will need to tailor the cut of the suit differently for a customer with a 34″ beer belly and another customer with a 34″ muscular waist.”

An average tailor-made suit can still tailor the suit to fit your size, but it is in the details where you’ll be able to see difference in the skills of the tailor.  The best tailors should be able to see how the cut of the suit needs to be altered to conceal your beer belly, can make you look stronger.

Jacky of British Tailors has over 33 years of experience in the industry

Jacky thinks that the best suit should hide your disadvantages on the figure but brighten your strengths in figure.

“Once your client puts on his suit, it should be just like a magic show.  His belly should disappear; or his legs should look longer.”, he says.  A good tailor should know the strengths and weakness of everyone’s figure at a glance.

From the width of lapels to the length of blazers, as well as the color matching, all of these contribute in the “magic show”.   If a client has very wide shoulders but the cutting does not match, the client will look chubby even though he may not be fat.

It may seem abstract, so let show the “magic” by the most credible evidence – photos from the customers.

After wearing the blazer made by Jacky, his belly becomes invisible, improving his figure visually.

Clothes with correct measurement alone may not hide his tummy.


Where did his tummy go?

Under the hands of an experienced tailor, you’ll easily look sharp and smart.

If you want to experience Jacky’s tailoring magic, seeing how does he hide your disadvantage, let’s make the online booking with Jacky here!

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