Following the government’s relaxation measures to reopen the economy, everyone’s gradually returned to their jobs. Of course, not every employee will leave their home office immediately, but it is definitely inevitable for the frontline salesman. Salesmen are definitely the most sensitive group in the market, the most knowledgeable group of catching the opportunities! In the life of a salesman, once the market opens, it is the time for him to grab the market!

Here comes the question. Everyone is rushing for the beach. Why did the market choose you?

Golden rule – Dress to Impress

That’s right, it’s this old-fashioned rule! The principle is correct, but how to interpret this golden rule is the key! It is also our experience! As you approach potential customers to close deals, you would want to make an impression for people to remember you .  Familiar with your product is important, but you will also need leave a good impression on every detail, including how you dress up!

Prepare one or two high-quality outfits

If your customer base is high-end consumers, it is best to prepare one or two sets of high-quality outfits. If you want to visit merchants around and make B-to-B sales, you need to consider the suits’ durability and cost-effectiveness.

With 400 tailors listed on the Tailor-M platform, all of which indicate the price and the delivery time required. Have a budget in mind to purchase a suit? Plan it with your fingers!

A Timeless Tailor – 30% discount on VBC fabric tailored suits

Taking A Timeless as an example, they have launched a 30% off discount on Italian VBC fabric suits.  All regular suit wearers will know that the price of suits made of VBC fabrics are affordable, yet fairly durable. Perfect foil for business wear to work.

Dependent upon the pricing of various Tailor’s workmanship, the cost of a VBC suit in the market is generally between HK$5,000-7,000. A Timeless recommends the durability and cost-effectiveness of the suits made of VBC fabrics. As the market reopens, this is the perfect timing to restock your wardrobe for work.

During October, you may make an appointment with Tailor-M to tailor-made a VBC suit at A Timeless for only HK$4,550 (original price HK$6,500)!

As the economy reopens, may everyone be able to restock their wardrobe according to their needs, budget.

**This offer must be redeem through online appointment at Tailor-M**

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