Don’t Let the Tuxedo Ruin Your Wedding

On the wedding day, the bride’s dress and makeup are undoubtedly remarkable. However, the wedding tuxedo also plays an important role in big day. If it doesn’t fit well, it could become a blemish on the fabulous day.  It will stay in the wedding photos which will be hung on the walls of your home for years to come.

While it is common for brides to rent their dresses, grooms are advised to buy a bespoke tuxedo. A wedding gown, fortunately, should be worn only once in your life.  For the gents though, there are many formal occasions that you may need to wear a tuxedo. While there are limitless style and size of wedding dresses, there are often limited choice for your wedding tuxedo. 

Wedding Tuxedo Tips for Different Body Shapes


Classic British cut is able to wider your shoulder and additional pads also help. Peak lapels and shawl collars, which are comparably formal and elegant, aim at strength the neck.


Frustrated at a flabby tummy? When you order your tailored tuxedo, don’t forget to request a lighter fabric with darker color and classic black is highly recommended. When it comes to the style, Italian cut will be a good idea since it slims your figure visually.


The typical length of tuxedo jacket covers your half of bottom and thus, it causes 1:1 ratio of upper and lower body. Shortening the jacket to emphasize the lower part is now a latest fashion trend.

Client wearing Tuxedo 

Groom and Groomsmen wearing suits

Page Boy wearing suit 

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