Consider the breathability, softness and durability of the fabric.

Suits made with worsted wool has a great balance. Worsted wool is a high-quality type of wool yarn that is spun with longer fibres, making it stronger, smoother and finer. It is a breathable fabric that keeps you comfortable throughout the year.

When choosing a fabric, consider the exterior as well as the lining. It’s pointless to have a high-quality exterior with poor lining fabric that affects your level of comfort. Avoid polyester for the exterior as well as the lining because it gives the suit an unnatural level of shine which is very easy to spot. Choose quality fabric, for example, wool, for the exterior and quality lining such as Bemberg.

Consider investing in tailor-made suits as they can last for years and you’ll always feel confident that they look perfect on you with the right size and proportion.

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