A Timeless Tailor recently led a team that represented Hong Kong Tailors Association to participate in the World Congress of Master Tailors (WFMT) in Verona, Italy. During this trip, it was not only a time to showcase A Timeless Tailor’s product but it was also a great learning process on the latest Fashion Trends in the suit making industry in preparation for the Fall/Winter season! 

Over the years, these fashion rituals are important to keep the suits made by A Timeless Tailor in style and in season.

“Checks” to stay in fashion

When you visit a tailor, you might be unsure of what kind of fabrics and patterns to choose as there are simply too many different choices.  For this Autumn and Fall, one of the popular “patterns will very likely be “Checks”!

Weekdays – Two-Piece Suit;  Weekend – Pair it with Jeans and Trainers!

Check pattern suits have always been a key style and pattern for the Fall and Winter collection.  It is almost a must have for every gentleman’s wardrobe.   It is very versatile and perfect for mix and match as well.  Wear it as a two piece suit, you will look smart and professional.  Change your trousers to a pair of jeans with a pair of trainers, you are ready for the weekend drinks and parties!

Special Autumn Offer: Checks Pattern Collection

A Timeless Tailor would like to introduce two popular fabric brands to choose for your tailored suit for this Fall/Winter Season – Reda and Rotex.   Reda is the mid-range higher quality option, while Rotex offers a relatively more affordable option.

A Timeless Tailor to lead the A Timeless trend

REDA’s check patterned fabrics ranges from 110’s to 160’s, offering a high level of comfort.  It’s soft, it’s stylish and it’s comfortable.   A check patterned suit made of such Fabrics only costs around HK$7,000. 

Meanwhile, if you would only like to tailor a jacket only to pair it with jeans or chinos, the tailor-made jacket costs around HK$4,800.  

Rotex is a more affordable option, costing only HK$5,200 upwards for a two piece suit.   While a stand alone tailor-made jacket costs only HK$3,500.  

A Timeless Tailor has two stores in Hong Kong, click one of the buttons below to book an appointment and get measured up!  It is as simple as that!







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