Festive Season is Here! Have you got your Black Tie Tuxedo ready?

The classic Black Tie Tuxedo is your best partner for any special parties during festive and wedding season!

British royal family in Black Tie 

What are Black Tie Tuxedo?

Victorian style Black Tie Tuxedo is the most classic and formal dress code.  Add to it a Tuxedo shirt with French Cuffs, a Cummerbund with a Bow-tie and you are all set to go!

Picking a Tuxedo for a black tie event, is not simply “another” event.  It adds that special touch of royalty feel to it.   It also doesn’t have to be Black, e.g. King Edward VII once wore a dark Navy Tuxedo to a dinner, which helped him stood out from the crowd.



 Brummell Tailors — English House Cut Black Tie Tuxedo

Brummell Tailor specialises in their English Style suits as their House Cut.  Add to it a full canvas tailoring technique to match with high-end fabrics such as Ermenegilo Zegna, Scabal, often offers their customers a surprise in its tailored Black Tie Tuxedo.




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