Treasure Buried in the Concrete Jungle

At the heart of Hong Kong’s financial district, Central, are the glamorous shopping malls like IFC, Landmark and Prince’s Building.  Apart from the traditional designer brands, it is not difficult to also notice the tailor shops among the menswear section.   Obviously, for the convenience, most of these tailors would be charging a premium price for the convenient shopping experience. 

For those who are not willing to pay the premium for the rents, there are actually plenty of premium tailors hidden in some of the office and commercial buildings just a stone’s throw away.  You can easily save a few thousand dollars for the same clothing, by stretching your legs out for literally a 2 min walk.

We are going to introduce you to one of these tailors hidden on the 3/F of a commercial building, Brummell Tailor.

Premium Savile Row fabrics combined with Full Canvas workmanship

Brummell Tailor is conveniently located on Wyndham Street, just a short walk from Entertainment Building right at the heart of Central.  

Brummell Tailor focuses on delivering premium high-end bespoke tailored suits for their clients, mostly adopting fabrics from Europe’s luxurious fabric brands, including the likes of Scabal of UK/Belgium, Holland & Sherry of UK, Zegna of Italy, etc.   Brummell Tailor combines these luxurious fabric with the hand made craftmanship (all Full Canvassed Suits) of Jackie’s team, ensuring that they are fitting for the most wealthy and demanding company executives in the world.  

A suit made in Scabal’s Savile Row flagship store starts from GBP4,500 up (HK$45,000)

Offering Value from the Rents Saved

You must be thinking that it must cost a fortune then.  While it is not cheap, it may actually not be as expensive as you are thinking.  

Having a suit made out of Scabal’s Londoner Collection fabric at Brummell Tailor only sets you back HK$9,800, which is compared to some of the tailor shops in IFC shopping mall that will charge you in excess of HK$15,000 for the same suit.

In fact, that is only a fraction of what it would cost you to tailor made a suit in Scabal’s flagship store in London Savile Row.  The starting prices for any suit in the Savile Row flagship store are at GBP4,500 (~HK$45,000) upwards!

Tailor-M Special Offer –  Claim a Thomas Mason shirt for free!

Tailor-M users can now enjoy a special offer, where Brummell Tailor will offer you a FREE shirt (worth HK$1,200) made out of the luxurious Thomas mason fabric, if you purchase any suit made out of the Scabal Londoner Collection!

Founded in the 18th Century, Thomas Mason is also another shirting fabric brand with a luxurious heritage in England.  It is no doubt, that shirts made out of Thomas Mason fabric reflects the class of Royalty.  

To Claim this FREE Shirt offer, all you need to do is to click the button below to make an appointment with Brummell Tailor!


The Lapel Roll has a smoothness to it that reflects the craftsmanship

Navy pin-striped suits are favourites of Executives and Bankers

Sports Jacket – perfect for the Smart Casual dress code

This is actually specially made a One Piece Collar

This is called the Spalla Camicia Shoulder.  Only a few tailor shops around offer such craftsmanship!

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