Introduction of ‘Awaken’ Collection

Awaken is Bettie’s first women’s collection. The design concept is inspired by simple geometry, with square represents principle, and circle manifests the wisdom of life. Their co-existence exemplifies apparent contradictions, nevertheless in real life, a balance of both elements is needed to manage and achieve in life. Bettie’s first women’s collection focus on cutting that aims to highlight the unique inner personalities of women.

‘Gentle Appearance with A Tough Personality’ is seemingly a characteristic of women in the 21st century. They are independent and well aware of what they really want to pursue and possess. The combination of square and circle are thus presented as conflicting ideologies that symbolize the attitude and image of women in modern society.

Stripes and Scottish Tartans underlines the choice of fabric for ‘Awaken’ and is inspired by the deepest thoughts of the designer’s experience in the UK, and also want to awaken other’s awareness of classical and traditional beauty. The two patterns post an illusion of the like of square and circle. Scottish Tartans have a long history in the UK, and each piece of Scottish Tartans are uniquely and colorific named after different families and institutions.


27th August 2019

About the Author:
Bettie Bespoke Boutique is brand by a detail-orientated fashion designer who started her business here in Hong Kong with the admirable working experience in Alexander McQueen.  They provide high-end bespoke tailoring with the self-created patterns as well as fine craftsmanship.  Check here for more details.

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