Simply Book an Appointment with Shoe Artistry on Tailor-M, and you’ll enjoy a HK$1,000 off when you purchase two bespoke tailored shoes!

If you are looking for a new pair of leather shoes to go with your bespoke suit, consider having one tailor made for your feet!  At Shoe Artistry, entry-level bespoke leather shoes starts from HK$3,000 each and if you purchase two pair of shoes (or you can bring a friend along), you will enjoy HK$1,000 off your whole bill!

It is not simply “another pair” of shoes, these are shoes tailor made for your feet, just in the same way that you have got your suit tailor made!  You can also take this opportunity to try out the 3D measurement technology available at Shoe Artistry for your feet!

Simply book an appointment through Tailor-M to have your feet measured up and enjoy this special HK$1,000 off offer!

Shoe Artistry

Shoe Artistry was originally born out of Ming Kee Shoe, a 40-year-old handmade shoe shop located in Jordan. When the classic Hong Kong label was forced to close down due to rent hikes, the wonderful owners, Kit Lee and Jeff Wan, stepped in to keep this classic label alive.

Much like the tailors of Hong Kong, Kit and Jeff were sad to see the decline of this traditional Hong Kong craft and its unique and precious heritage. Instead of watching it disappear they decided to step in and take action. They acquired all the machines, materials, and tools of the original Ming Kee Shop and rebranded the business as the Shoe Artistry.

Today, Shoe Artistry has grown into one of the finest bespoke shoe makers in the city. 


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