Bespoke Shirts And Ties By David Fashions Tailors

There are mainly two types of shirt categories, formal and casual. But there are many more in-between categories which are loosely defined and most of the people do not know about them.

We, at David Tailors, are expert in making many types of shirts. Shirts which are made in our tailoring house are made from very high quality of fabrics as per the demand of our clients. We make shirt from chiffon, cotton, cotton linen, crepe, elastane, georgette linen, lyocell, modal, nylon, poly silk, poly cotton, polyester, satin, silk, viscose rayon and what not.

All these types and blends of fabrics are best for making any type of shirt. You can come to our tailoring house or visit our online store and order any shirt or shirts which you want, in whatever color you like and it will be made, exactly according to your measurements.

Now having said all this, you must be wondering, why should I get my shirts made from David Tailors, when I can buy any cheap shirt off the rack in the super market? Well, the word cheap is the best answer we can give to you. Your shirts will cost less if bought from super markets or ready to wear from any shop but they will not be according to your body structure.

Those shirts will cover your torso but will not be a perfect, comfort fit. You clothes need to be your style statement and you cannot create a style statement by wearing a shirt made in a factory. For that you need to have experienced tailors like us, who know how to measure you each and every part, then hand cut the cloth (after your choosing and approval) and stitch it for you. Not just this, we offer to rectify any flaw (if at all) that arises in trial.

This way it is a 100% guarantee that your shirt will fit perfectly to you and you will be able to feel comfort in it while making a style statement amongst your peers. You can choose to have colorful party wear shirts or shimmering, shiny shirts for night and party wear. In the semi-formal category you can have shirts with various checks, patterns, lines and designs for office and casual wear. And lastly, you can wear a fine oxford shirt, made just for you to your office for formal events and meetings. Now, how cool is that.

Apart from making bespoke shirts, we also make bespoke ties for our clients. If you wish to wear a nice, high quality silk or satin tie then you have come to the right place. We have plenty of samples to you and you can choose from them or your won and we will have it made for you in no time.

Lastly, it’s a matter of trust, no business survives without trust. Our customers have trusted us for so long and have loved every item that we have created for them. This is how we have grown over so many decades into a multifold business.

So, now if you every need a shirt or a tie, just visit David Tailors online or come to our tailoring house and the rest, we will do for you.


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