Christmas is Here, Sing Aloud and Spark it out!

Christmas trees, Christmas decorations have arrived, meaning that Christmas is near!   As the light bulbs sparkle the city, shopping malls and offices, and do you know that there are ways that you can sparkle up your suit without losing your professional outlook?  The key is in…. the lining!

Fancy Lining — Adding a Sparkle to your Bespoke Suit

Suits often sound boring, but it is actually not a must.  Not when you bespoke and tailor made your own suit.  The linining, which forms the interior of the suit adds a sparkle when you put your jacket down, but once you put it back on, you slot right back into your professional image!   A Timeless Tailor is introducing over 100 types of Fancy Lining into their collection during this Christmas, which offers their customers plenty of choices and there will certainly be one that fits your needs!

Free upgrade for Tailor-M users (worth HK$680)! 

This Christmas, A Timeless Tailor is now offering Tailor-M users a free upgrade (worth HK$680) to this Fancy Lining collection!  You just need to click on one of the buttons below to book an appointment to tailor-made any bespoke suits (Approx HK$4,800 up) at A Timeless Tailor and you will be offered the free upgrade!   Time to add a spark to your boring suit this Christmas!







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