Conservative yet unique, perfect for Hong Kongers

Hong Kongers have always been conservative in their color selection when it comes to suits.  It has always evolved around the three primary colors – gray, blue and black.  Why would you want to spend HK$67,000 on a set of “uniforms”?

Italian fabric merchant Marzoni has specifically launched a new style to cater for the conservative characteristics of the Hong Kongers.  In its Fall 2022 collection, it is introducing a new Marzoni dark pattern fabric collection to cater to Hong Kongers. The color selection are conservative and yet will show the characteristics of personal style in a low-key manner, let us give you a sneak peek of the collection!

  1. Dark herringbone weave fabric is more layered

The tight and dense dark herringbone texture is added to the gray and blue suits, which gives the suit a sense of light and dark contrasting layers, which helps to stand out in the crowd. Low-key, but stand out.

  1. Criss-crossed dark lines, well-proportioned lines

The fabric is added with criss-cross dark lines, making the whole suit more organized and elegant. The staggered dark pattern is more suitable for light-colored suit fabrics. Pick the perfect suit and the customers will pick you!

  1. Dark straight stripes are low-key yet bright and extravagant

Dark straight stripes are the most extravagant texture in the Marzoni dark pattern fabric collection. When paired with dark fabrics, the fabric glows with dark patterns and body curves, making it low-key yet bright and extravagant. Perfect for professionals such as Barristers and national athletes.

How much will it cost for the Marzoni dark pattern fabric collection?

One of the leading tailors in Tsim Sha Tsui—A Timeless Tailor has introduced a new series Marzoni dark pattern fabric collection this season. The walk-in price of the whole series is HKD7,800 for a set, and if you place an order in September you can also enjoy a 15% discount on your whole order. This means that the discounted price is only as low as HK$6,630!

Want to try tailor-made suit?  A Timeless house fabric — Rotex is also on sale!

Trying out your first tailor-made suit?  A Timeless Tailor is also offering a sale on its house fabric suits in September!  The original price of Rotex full suit is HK$5,500, and it is now only HK$4,680 (15% off) during its September sale!


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