We previously interviewed with Patrick Kwok, the founder of Derby Suits & Tailoring, who introduced semi-tailoring to Hong Kong.  He hopes to provide an additional option for consumers to consider when they are planning to purchase a suit.  In this follow up series, we will go deeper into what exactly semi-tailoring is.

Everyone has their own unique personal preferences, when it comes to apparel. Is bespoke suits and semi-tailored suits more suitable to your budget and preferences?

Since Semi-tailoring is still a new concept to most consumers, we have received quite a few questions from readers related to semi-tailoring.  We’ve thus followed up with Patrick to answer some of these questions:

Q: How’s the quality of semi-tailored suits?

Patrick: Comparing to other ready-to-wear suits, our suits are made by quality fabrics from high-end world-class brands from UK and Italy, including Reda, Holland & Sherry, Zegna, etc. Besides, Derby Suits & Tailoring also has its own house fabric. We are concerned about details that only designer brands or top of the class bespoke tailors care about. As tiny as a button, our suits choose natural horn buttons.  These are often only available in the high-end bespoke tailors.  That’s why we are confident in our suits, which we believe is comparable to those high-end bespoke suits.

Q: How’s the process of ordering a semi-tailored suits?

Patrick: Our customers can first try on our ready-to-wear collection at our shop and see how the style and fabric fits their body.  Consumers can then raise requests to our tailors if there are parts of the suit which doesn’t fit (e.g. too loose around the waist, sleeves too long, etc.), or they want to customise any parts. Our tailors will provide professional advise according your body shapes. After a detailed communication, our tailors will begin altering your suits.

Q: How is it different from the ordinary alteration service?

Patrick: We have professional suit-making tailors to alter your suits. They are much more skillful than the ordinary alterations tailor, and they will not simply alter it, but also focus to keep a correct cutting and optimised ratio of your suit. For example, if you need to alter the length of a sleeve, an ordinary alterations tailor would just cut it short at around the cuffs, but our tailors may decide to alter your suit from the shoulders, if necessary.  Sometimes, customers may require a complete makeover of the suit, our skilled tailors may even take it apart and make the necessary changes without leaving a trace.

Q: Why not just go straight for a bespoke suit then?

Patrick: Semi-tailoring streamlines the process and saves clients’ time.  For a bespoke suit, customers usually have to visit the shop front at least three times, choosing fabric and getting measured for the first time, trying on a fitting mold the second time and finally pick up the finished product when it’s ready. However, if it doesn’t fit, you may have to visit the shop front once more.

For a semi-tailored suit, it saves you time and the amount of back and forth trips required, as the starting point of our process is with the ready-to-wear suit.  Most of our clients only to come back once,  i.e. to pick up the suit after alterations.  It only takes you four days to get your perfect suit.

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