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(Daniel): Hi Darmian. What should I be aware of when choosing summer & winter fabrics for shirts?

(Darmian S): Hi Daniel, thanks for your email.

When choosing shirts/ shirt fabrics (especially when touching the shirt fabrics), have you ever noticed the thickness of different shirt fabrics are almost the same?

Strictly speaking, there is no “summer fabrics” or “winter fabrics” in shirts, just “all-season”. That is because when wearing shirts, we should carry with suit jackets (in some casual events, we wear shirts with sports jackets).

So when choosing shirts and shirt fabrics, do consider how well the shirts/ shirt fabrics (such as the colour, texture) match with your suit jackets/ coats.

The ways we match shirts with suit jackets (or sports jackets) can be different in winters and summers. In winters, for example, we pick “winter jackets” or “winter coats” made of heavier suit fabrics with higher GSM (Gram per Square Metres). If still cold, put on long-sleeves undershirts before wearing shirts.

In summers, try put on custom-made jackets without canvas which are much lighter in weight and more breathable. And if you’re concerned with shirts getting wet by sweat, try some waterproof (and sweat-proof) shirt fabrics using latest moisture-wicking technology.

(Shirts with suit jackets. Photo credit: Pexels)

(For casual, wear shirts with sports jackets. Photo credit: Mariya Georgieva, Unsplash)

Last but not least, the last tip on wearing shirts. It takes just 3 seconds to tell if a shirt fits perfectly or badly. The simplest way is to look at the sleeve length (pictures and details here)

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