Back to Work?  Stay Clean and Stay Safe!

In the early days of June/July, when this Third Wave of Pandemic started off, the government stood firm in not allowing civil servants working from home, missing a golden opportunity to contain the spread of the virus.  Seems like life must go on and work must continue, so wonder if you have prepared yourself with the right armour to get back to work?

Stock up More Clothes, Rotate and Keep Your Clothes Clean

For client facing roles, it is inevitable to continue to go into meetings in your full suit, but at the moment it is important to stay safe and keep your clothes clean, protect your family and loved ones.  With the virus spreading virally, it is important to have sufficient clothing stocked up so that you don’t have to wear the same suit everyday!  Rotate, Sterilize and Dry Clean them as frequent as possible!  

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To Add More Stock – Pricing, Accuracy and Delivery Time are Key!

With the Pandemic also affecting our wallets as much as our health, the key to add more suits and shirts for this period would be to find tailor which can deliver the clothes inexpensively, timely and accurately.  

TST Tailor Offers Pandemic Special – Buy Two Get One Half Price 

David Fashion has long been one of the most popular tailors on Tailor-M.  They have now made an offer to all TailorM users to a Buy Two get One Half Price offer!  Assuming their average two piece suit pricing of HK$2,970 each, your second suit will only cost HK$1,500!   That’s an absolute steal for bespoke tailor made suits!   They don’t mind if you bring a friend along and split this offer so that you both get one suit each!   Production time can be as quick as 3 days, so may be it is time to make an appointment for some new suits made, rotate and keep your suits clean!

The Blind Spot – Shirts!

A man cannot have enough shirts, and David Fashions’ offer also includes shirts.  For example a tailor made shirt at David Fashions usually cost around HK$300 each, and now you may enjoy the discount —Buy one get one free!  

A Man cannot have enough shirts!

*The special offer only applies to Tailor-M users booking appointment through this link below:


A Tailor Born in Hong Kong

David Fashion’s David has been living in Hong Kong and in the tailoring business for over 30 years, he is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, English and Hindi.  This is historical times in his career as a tailor, and thus wants to offer customers this special offer to safeguard everyone.  



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