The newlyweds who are going to get married this year are really lucky! Since the relaxation of social distancing restrictions in HK, we can finally host wedding banquets again! Bridegrooms, do you know what is the fashion of the season this year for weddings? Allow 852 Tailor House to guide you along the way and help you dress up on your Big Day!

1. Double Beast Suits

Many people may have never worn a Double Beast suit in their life, and it may be too flashy when it comes to day to day wear. Also thanks to its flashy style, it is especially suitable for weddings. You only get married once in life, and a well-made Double Beast Suit will help you shine.

2. Shawl Lapel

Likewise, no one would wear Shawl Lapel suits to work because of the as it is only fitting for formal occasions. Weddings is the perfect occasion to put them on!

3. Detachable lapel suit

The detachable lapel suit means that the lapel of the suit worn at the wedding can give you the formal style required, but after the wedding, the lapel can be removed so that you can wear it to work like an ordinary business suit. This kind of suit is the most popular with for groomsmen who wear suits to work on a daily basis, so that the suit will not go to waste.

What is the most popular color of wedding suits this year?
Surprisingly, this year’s wedding dresses are trending in brown rather than the usual black/navy. Many customers who are getting married this year tend to try on brown suits, because brown suits gives you a strong classic flavor.

Want to make a suit for your wedding? You might want to make an appointment at 852 Tailor House, and wait for more professional advice to make your wedding suit!


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